The Los Angeles Police Retirement Benefit & Insurance Association, Inc. (RB&I) was originally incorporated on or about February 2, 1937. The general purpose of RB&I is to bind the members in a closer bond for mutual protection; to aid each other in distress and death; to provide for retirement benefits to the members thereof and for the death benefits of such beneficiary as may be designated.

RB&I is governed by volunteer Board of Directors with 10 active and 1 retired member serving as Directors. The Board of Directors elects the corporate officers, a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Any recruit in the Los Angeles Police Academy employed by the City of Los Angeles to become a sworn police officer are eligible to enroll in the RB&I membership plan. Since 1939, sworn officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have depended on RB&I to provide life insurance benefits for its members and their families. This coverage is in addition to any other life insurance benefits you receive as a member of any other police organization. You can keep this policy into retirement, whereas other organizations don’t allow you to keep your life benefits into retirement.

Latest News

RB&I has now collaborated with the LA Police Historical Society.

To all members of Los Angeles Police Retirement Benefit and Insurance, Inc. (“RB&I”):

RB&I’s Board of Directors is excited to announce that it will be collaborating with the Los Angeles Police Historical Society (Museum) to collect dues from its active‐duty members. Starting in the next few months, RB&I’s dues will be collected under the Museum’s deduction code: 7H. As a result, RB&I’smembers will see a deduction of $3.50 on their pay stub under code 7H. Any RB&I active‐duty member who had previously been contributing to the Museum under deduction code 7H will see the deduction increase by $3.50. RB&I’s active‐duty member dues are currently being collected under code 47. When the transition takes place, deductions taken under code 47 are therefore going to decrease in the amount of $3.50.

In summary, RB&I’s dues will no longer be reflected as a deduction under code 47 and will instead be deducted under code 7H. Your dues have not changed as a result of this transition. RB&I is a non‐profit corporation that was originally incorporated on or about February 2, 1937. It was formed to carry on the business and purposes generally of a police relief association in accordance with
Chapter 10A of Part 2, Division 2 of the California Insurance Code. There are currently eleven (11) Board members who are serving on behalf of RB&I: myself, Jason Liguori, Adriana Steward, Brien Pogue, Cheri Roberts, Kerry Young, Jason Fong, Habib Munoz, Timothy Grabe, Jim Rahm, and Luis Alarcon. All of the Board members, except for Jim Rahm, are currently serving in the Los Angeles Police Department. Jim Rahm, meanwhile, is serving as an RB&I director after having retired from the Los Angeles Police

RB&I members receive life insurance benefits which are paid to beneficiaries designated by them. If a member dies while an active member of the LAPD, RB&I will pay a death benefit of $25,000.00. A member is eligible for cash surrender benefits upon 25 years of service, (currently $4,000), provided that the member has maintained his or her membership for at least 25‐years. Additional information about RB&I and the Historical Society can be found on its website:, website: or by phone at (866) 963‐0933 or by email to [email protected].

Dimitri Kort
Detective II Dimitri H. Kort
President Retirement Benefits and Insurance