About RB&I

The Los Angeles Police Retirement Benefit & Insurance Association, Inc. (RB&I) was originally incorporated on or about February 2, 1937. The general purpose of RB&I is to bind the members in a closer bond for mutual protection; to aid each other in distress and death; to provide for retirement benefits to the members thereof and for the death benefits of such beneficiary as may be designated.RB&I is governed by volunteer Board of Directors with 10 active and 1 retired member serving as Directors. The Board of Directors elects the corporate officers, a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.Any recruit in the Los Angeles Police Academy employed by the City of Los Angeles to become a sworn police officer are eligible to enroll in the RB&I membership plan. Since 1939, sworn officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have depended on RB&I to provide life insurance benefits for its members and their families. This coverage is in addition to any other life insurance benefits you receive as a member of any other police organization. You can keep this policy into retirement, whereas other organizations don’t allow you to keep your life benefits into retirement.

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